Delhi Solar Lines is a '3 Phase' system which would tackle the energy crisis through targeted communication and implementation.

Long description

There are a lot of linear or block-based constructions for residential areas in Delhi.
Therefore, instead of convincing each and every household to become an off-grid solar energy user, it would be more efficient to have every residential block become part of a smaller solar linear grid.

The residential areas are divided into 3 Tiers according to consumer income and ease of solar installation.
Tier 1 includes; well-planned colonies, good rooftop space available.
Tier 2 includes; roughly planned colonies, medium or low consumer income.
Tier 3; houses with minimum rooftop space available, thus there is no/minimum chance of solar installation.
(BSES is the electricity provider is Delhi)

BSES would connect to developers to install Solar panels for the citizens and hence would take care of the process of installation. The citizens would repay the loan in the form of bills. The surplus electricity generated by the citizens would be supplied to BSES (back to the grid via net-metering) which would create income for the citizens.

Phase 1:
Targetted communication to create awareness about how solar could be beneficial.

Phase 2:
A behavioural change would be observed among those residing in Delhi and Tier 1 group of people have solar panels installed.

Phase 3:
Surplus power generation would lead to income for all residential blocks.
Then Tier 2 and Tier 3 Solar installations would begin.
Third, the involved ENGOs and Brands would get recognition for the clean energy use.

In this way, most of Delhi would be using clean energy.

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