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An overview of al the nominated projects that are focused on solving Nairobi's food problem. In this phase, the nominated teams get the opportunity to improve their project. The winning projects will be announced on March 6th.


Greenobi is a network of lush green oasis spanning the roofs of Nairobi. Celebrating super local urban food and green spaces.

Taste Not Waste

Our business idea uses mobile technology to pick up, transport and cook food waste into affordable meals for Nairobi’s food insecure locals.


A product reviving a traditional preservation method which prevents fruits and vegetables from quickly rotting thus minimizing food wastage

Building a fork-to-farm food system

Tamalli is cooking the future Nairobians want to eat, starting with a premium street food brand that puts more diverse food on the table.


It involves the training of women and youth on how to produce charcoal briquettes and Bio gas energy for sale and their own use.


My project aim to provide a product that can help the vendors ferry produce from farm to market while keeping it safe and fresh.