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An overview of al the nominated projects that are focused on solving São Paulo’s traffic problem. In this phase, the nominated teams get the opportunity to improve their project. The winning projects will be announced on March 6th.

Fazenda Urbana

Design and operate Urban Farms in the roofs of buildings in the metropolis of São Paulo using aquaponics techniques.

OEG – Outskirts Employment Guide

The Outskirts Employment Guide (OEG) is a free platform that maps and shares job offers on the outskirts of the capital city and of Sao Paul

NOAH – Local Operational Tower

We have worked out the idea of bringing key necessities of life into the urban centers as an operational tower.

Project Chakra: the flywheel cycle

The Chakra is a clean energy storage device that stores rotational kinetic energy in a flywheel and provides ride assist to a cyclist.

Smart Air – For a breathing city

Smart Air is a natural air cleaning system using high and lower pressure, sucking the polluted air into the sewerage system.

Pedivela Cyclelogistics Network

Pedivela connects and optimize the relation between cargo bike riders, parcel delivery companies and urban automated crossdocks.