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Find out more and download the city briefing below for background information, suggestions on where design can make a difference, impact areas and inspiring examples.


As soon as submission is complete, your project needs to be reviewed by a WDCD moderator. The reason a project to not being approved is, when is missing profile or project information or if your idea is not relevant for the Challenge. You will receive a notification from the moderator as soon as your submission has been approved.

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After approval you can adjust your project settings at any time during challenge deadline (until 5 December). If a problem occurs, please contact us at




      Select Track: Student / creative professional / startup

      Select City: Cityscape of Amsterdam / Building in Delhi / Waste in Mexico / Eating in Nairobi / Moving around Sao Paulo

      Select the approach of your idea: Product / Service / System / Communication / Space

      Project Title: choose a short and snappy title for your project

      Short Description: describe your project in 140 characters (Please notice, projects can only be submitted in english).

      Long Description: explain your project further in 250 words or less (Please notice, projects can only be submitted in english).



    Explain why and how your project meets the following criteria with max. 100 words per criterium:

     Relevance: explain why your solution addresses the local challenges and how you’ve gained insights.

     Impact: explain how your idea has positive impact on people, places and systems. If possible explain how you will measure this.

     Feasibility: explain why your idea is feasible e.g. technically, economically, politically, legally, socially, culturally.

     Scalability: explain why your idea may be developed for a specific location or community but has the potential to be scaled up to benefit the many

     Excitement: explain why your idea is exciting, why it is new, creative and a great story to share

     Commitment: explain how your idea is developed by a well-balanced and highly committed team or you have assembled a group of people around you who can help develop your idea further.

     Which local stakeholders are/will be involved in the development of your plan or startup?

     Name research partners, municipality, public organisations, (energy) companies, NGO’s, activists, customers, etc. Explain how there stakeholders are / could be involved in your project and what their commitment looks like. (Max 200 words)



      Key image: select an attractive image to represent your project, this will be used as the main visual on the website and other communications. Make sure not to have the title of the project in the visual. Upload a representative image of your project (max 5 MB).

      Project video: make a 2 minute pitch video to introduce your project (and yourself). *Optional

      Additional images: you can upload a maximum of 6 more images to illustrate your concept.