Start your own design Jam

The Clean Energy Design Jam is an ideation workshop to inspire, develop and pitch ideas for the Clean Energy Challenge. The format of the Design Jam comes with a workshop kit that is free for everyone to download. So go ahead and start your own! 

Choose one of the issues of the 5 cities and start tackling it with your classmates, community, friends or anyone else up for a challenge. The workshop kit consist of a manual for the facilitator, a presentation and worksheets.

Download the workshop kit here

join an ORGANISED Design Jam

The Clean Energy Jam is an active event divided in four parts: Inspiration, Ideation, Implementation and Pitching before a panel of experts. Each part is enriched with tips and tricks and creative exercises. Participants are supported by a group of experts and will have research and development material at their disposal.

Participating in this session will give you a better understanding of the most pressing energy challenges and can therefore kick-start your ideation process and help you develop your projects for submission. All designers, start-ups or students are welcome. Attendance is free!


Clean Energy Jam Guadalajara

10 november | 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM | Mutuo

Mutuo | 1995 Avenida Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla | Guadalajara, Jal 44600 | Mexico