‘I think the biggest challenge we face is awareness, awareness about realizing that “going green” actually both pays and safeguards the future generation.’ Says Edward Mungai, who is CEO of the Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) in Nairobi. The centre provides incubation, capacity building services and financing to Kenyan entrepreneurs and new ventures that are developing innovative solutions in energy, water and agribusiness to address climate change challenges.

‘Our biggest challenge is awareness about the fact that “going green” both pays and safeguards the future generation’

‘My vision is to continually lead the push for clean technologies in Kenya,’ says Mungai, who also founded the Inspire Leadership and Mentorship Program that aims to empower, mentor, motivate and mobilise people to unlock their potential.

With over fifteen years of experience, Mungai has a multifaceted background in Business Advisory, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Investment management in Africa, Asia, Europe and Russia. He holds an Executive MBA from the Scandinavian International Management Institute/Copenhagen Business School and a Business Management degree from Moi University, Kenya. Besides, he is a 2016 Eisenhower Fellow.
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