Well known for leading foundations toward greater impact, Lisa Jordan is a philanthropic executive with a twenty-year career focused on strengthening the voice of civil society, creating systemic change for young children and linking legislators across the globe on sustainability challenges. She currently heads Shine, a newly launched global campaign dedicated to ending energy poverty.  

‘We need to bring in many new partners into the field of access to energy’

Lisa Jordan has lived and worked in New York, Washington D.C., Tokyo, Brussels and is currently based in Amsterdam. At Shine she promotes three principal goals over the years to come: unlocking finance, championing solutions, and empowering local communities. Jordan is also the founder of Aim for Social Change, which works with multiple private foundations to improve their focus on strategic goals and measurable impact.

Jordan started her career as a legislative assistant to Congressman Jim Scheuer (8th NY) and at the age of 25 she was the Founding Director of GLOBE, the largest environmental parliamentary organization in the world. In addition, Lisa has acted as a consultant for numerous foundations to develop environment and development programs and strengthen approaches to early childhood development.

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