Wecol Ltd is an energy development startup with a keen focus on conversion of waste to energy in order to create a sustainable solutions.

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Wecol Limited is a Waste-to-Energy development company currently focused on conversion of agricultural waste (sugarcane bagasse) into reusable energy that is being used in place of fuelwood (charcoal and firewood) both for industrial and domestic users.

The problems we are solving are three pronged:
1. Environmental:
Massive cut down of trees in order to fuel the tremendous growth of industries in Kenya has seen the country undergo massive deforestation leaving the forest cover to be less than 5% of the entire country. This has in turn led to unpredictable weather patterns and prolonged droughts and famines. Despite all these, the supply of fuelwood is barely 40% of the market demand.
2. Social Problems:
Accumulation of sugarcane waste by sugar millers has led to some irreversible losses to the residents near these millers. For example, the pH values of soil have reduced due to continued seepage of ethanoic acid into the soil from bagasse mixed with rain water. this has in turn affected the farming patterns and yields that the farmers experience.
3. Economic Problems:
We have so far managed to create employment to over 60 locals. This is a group of people who were previously unemployed. This number is bound to go up in the next year with our target being 200 people within 2 years.

Our startup is focused in changing lives and impacting the world. We are creating sustainable solutions that are aligned with UN’s SDGs.
Our team is made up of highly motivated change-makers with a combined experience of over 40 years in a whole range of fields.

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