It's an ecosystem of products and services that prevents and reduces food waste creating an environmental conscious community.

Long description

Biogrün it’s composed of four Units and an App. The Conservation Unit to prevent waste, consists of five modules, the first is the Life Module that serves for the gestation of plants before being able to move them to Crop Unit. The Freshness module stores fruits and vegetables that don’t need too low temperatures, using evaporative cooling.The Dehydration module extends shelf life of fruits and vegetables creating a new product. The Fridge and Freezer module are for highly perishable foods and they use smart ethylene detectors for detecting early spoiling in stored foods and self registration to follow up on the expiration date.

The Organic Material Processing Unit, promotes domestic waste sorting and compost production to cultivate food in the Crop Unit, designed to facilitate urban agriculture, and conformed by a smart greenhouse system, self watering pots and a health sensor to follow up and facilitate the plants growing. It also consists of three modules adaptable to 3 kind of users (beginner, intermediate, expert) to cultivate and obtain harvest based on their experience. It helps the user to meet specific cultivation requirements for different crops (herbs, vegetables, tubers respectively) for a healthy cultivation process.

These units along with Distribution Units and the Mobile App facilitate the trade or sell of the obtained products like compost, vegetables and dehydrated fruits. All of them are connected to create a social network of people, public and private organizations, products and services in order to develop communities as well as sustainable cities.

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