Block-e makes clean energy accessible and creates awareness of energy usage. It does so by enabling clean energy to become a new currency.

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Block-e describes our vision for the future of green energy. A future where generating and trading energy will be accessible to everyone. A future where everyone is aware of their energy usage.
Our idea: using clean energy as a currency and enabling the people of Amsterdam to generate clean energy by biking.
We want to achieve our vision by introducing three new products. 
  1. Blocke, a high capacity powerbank that acts like a wallet, 
  2. the Slide: to connect and charge Block-e with a generator while cycling and 
  3. the Dock: a payment system that transfers energy. 
How it is used: a woman (35) goes to a cafe and places her Block-e in the Slide on her bike. Together, the two products create and store energy while cycling. At the cafe she orders a cofee and places her Block-e on the Dock to pay. The energy flows from the Block-e to the cafe, directly paying for the energy the coffee costs with her self-made clean energy.
Block-e is an accessible solution for people to start generating clean energy and it can save them money. For cafe’s, Block-e makes it easy to use clean energy and finding new costumers. 
Imagine how the world can change, if we use clean energy as a currency!
The Block-E team consists of Ties Schotel, Annabella Rijksen, Anouk Snijders and Carlijn Bijlsma.

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