Let's end urban pollution by boats and make electric boating affordable by launching the first Battery as a Service for boats.

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Voltogo is launching what its name already says: a voltage-giver to use on the go! We’ve developed a universal battery for boats that is high capacity and still portable. The first stage is, that it enables boat users to switch to clean and silent electric boating, without the need for a charging point at their boat; they can just carry their battery home.

However, batteries are still very expensive and that price tag can only reach few people. If we really would like to speed up transition, a battery sharing concept is needed – which is why we are bringing the first Battery as a Service (BaaS) for boats. We’re in the early stage of developing the swapping stations and are working together with waterside cafes in Amsterdam to bring swap stations to the best places there are to spend some time. Even if you can be on your way again within seconds.

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