We can harvest energy from the photosynthetic process of plants, so we will change all the green in the city towards ‘power plants’.

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Climate change and the increasing scarcity of raw materials have led to an urgent need for finding alternative systems that redefine our relationship with nature. Biodesign is an emergent field that may offer innovative solutions in this regard. A cross-pollination of nature, science and creativity.

Dutch designer Ermi van Oers, in collaboration with Plant-e, has designed a lamp which makes use of a living plant to generate its own electricity: The Living Light. The light of the lamp is produced by ‘plant microbial fuel cell technology’: energy generated by the photosensitise process of the plant: https://vimeo.com/173542338

The better you take care of the plant, the more energy you will receive. Living Light remind us that if we take good care of nature, nature will provide us with everything we need. This state of mutual dependence is a realisation humans lost over time, a realisation which we need to get back.

In Amsterdam, we want to replace the street lights by trees, upload our mobile phones in public spaces and create IoT datahubs for the municipality, all through the power of plants. These plants provide us with off-grid energy, so without putting any cables or complex systems into our narrow, crowded city streets. Nature will get a higher economical value, we will start making more place for green, so biodiversity can flourish while lowering greenhouse gas emissions at the same time. New connections between humans, nature and technology could emerge. By literally going back to our roots.

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