Sustainably optimize traffic in SP and its metropolitan area via a microtransit plataform by increasing the occupancy rate of private cars.

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With the aim of improving traffic in São Paulo via a mobility platform service, our project acts on two fronts: sustainability and traffic jams. With the current transport matrix in the city presenting: an increasing number of passengers vehicles; saturated public transportation and; people who do not want to give up the comfort and privacy of their cars, a plausible solution to enhance mobility is to optimize the occupancy rate of such passengers’ vehicles. With an average occupancy rate of 1.4 passengers per vehicle, our approach will: a) optimize the occupancy in order to find a balance among comfort, privacy and transport efficiency [with users coming to have benefits such as: 1) governmental: tax incentives, access to dedicated lanes, traffic restriction program exemption (rodízio); etc; 2) private: point accumulation programs; cashback programs; etc]; b) apply the concept of microtransit to facilitate the sharing of the vehicles, so cars can be used for more flexible routes (seeking to find balance between vehicles’ owners routes and that of the other passengers). Thus, we will connect private individuals (vehicles’ owners and commuters), legal entities (companies whose employees receive transportation vouchers; as well as ride-hailing  companies such as Uber, 99, Cabifly) and public entities.

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