CompO improves the Mexico’s City organic waste management and builds conscience on why organic waste is so valuable to grow more food.

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The CompO system is a chain of products and services that aims to reduce the organic waste in the city, improve the separation and collection system and create conscience. The chain starts at home, when we first dispose our organic waste in the kitchen at the Household CompO, it has three different recipients for treating the compost. The first stocks the organic waste, the second one where the compost is treat with soil warms, and the third one contains the liquids. If we have house plants, herbs or growing vegetables we can use the compost and the leach as fertilizers. The second part of the chain and an alternative to dispose our organic waste is the Community CompO, a bigger version of CompO made of recycled and biodegradable materials, with two levels for treating the compost. A couple of the Community CompO are installed in the comun areas of the building or neighborhood, one for dispose our house compost and other for dispose the organic waste directly. The next part of the chain is the collection, a tricycle comes once every three months to collect the compost and the liquids in the Community CompO, reducing the C02 emissions, these tricycles take the compost to a treatment center. Finally the compost is taken to local farms in the city in zones as Xochimilco, Milpa Alta and Tlalpan where it will serve as fertilizer to grow more food.

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