Mobilize community engagement through comparison on one’s actions, in this case your carbon footprint with respect to reduced energy usage

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Our proposed intervention is to target residential colonies with awareness drives that go over and above regular campaigns which are purely educational or informational. This is a tried and tested method in various industries where the concept of gamification or contestification is used not just to engage the target audience but also immerse them in a sustained experience that would demonstrate first-hand the benefits of energy efficiency and switching to clean energy by incentivizing action and implementation. The basic idea is to create a contest that pits one against the other and engages entire communities. Imagine an initiative to determine the greenest residential block/gated societies that would work as follows:-

We would choose 3-4 residential societies within which to conduct the programme. Ideal society would be a gated community with individual plots or houses as they are ideally suited for smart meters & rooftop solar. We would use innovative ways to display to all the residents their monthly consumption before and after the project is underway. We would call on residents to sign-up for the energy efficiency + solar program to make their homes the most sustainable and energy efficient homes in the colony and create a ranking mechanism to see which homes consume the least energy per individual and which homes have shown the most improvement in energy savings after the project. 

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