We are all consumers and we generate waste.

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One of our main differentiating marks, is that we believe that recycling is made of people therefore we built 2 types of communities in order to honor recycling centers and citizens.

  1. Recycling heroes (citizens): Mostly women who recycle more than 80% of their waste and inspire > 3 families to recycle, most of them create a recycling center at home and are very committed to taking care of the environment. We want to empower these heroes by providing them with useful environmental information so they can use it to inspire more people to. For us citizens are key players!


  1. Recycling centers (collectors): We work under an inclusive recycling scheme so we focus on recycling centers.We are building a strong community based on trust, helping this vulnerable segment of population to become professionals on their sector and re-dignifying their job. Additionally, we measure the impact of their daily job through estimation of their environmental indicators and improving their quality of life helping them to generate more income by opening markets of materials that currently have a low recycling rate.   Clients: Consumer brands that would like to activate the recycling chain of their packaging. We help them to recycle through our network of centers, collectors, selection plants and recyclers. We encourage consumer brands to connect their consumer with the recycling centers in order to facilitate the recycling chain. We connect the key players to increase the collection of types of waste that have

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