Ecoplaso transforms fruits and vegetables peels and scraps (organic waste) into bioplastic, 3d printing filaments and vegetal based leather.

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Ecoplaso is dedicated to transform fruits and vegetables peels and scraps (organic waste) into bioplastic that can replace petroleum based plastics as the raw material for the manufacture of products molded into thin sheets or pellets, as well as 3D printing filaments. These products can be transformed into products such as disposable plates, straws, bags, furniture, toys. The problems we address are the reduction and substitution of plastic products daily discarded which represent a major pollution concern. This material is 100% biodegradable and compostable which makes it ideal for use and quick disposal without compromising the environment. It also ceases to use food sources for it’s composition which could serve for population consumption. Ecoplaso also has developed an alternative to animal leather out of this organic waste, our vegetal leather has been used on the fabrication of furniture, shoes, accessories and interior designs.Some of our recent products are: threads, pigments, 3Dprinting filaments, bioplastics and papers out of this food scrap combined with algae and bacterial cellulose (Kombucha.)

Finally, our raw material does not compromise the food sources since we do not use consumable food.

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