Creation of manual for environmental workshops with critical pedagogy methodologies for kids and teenagers.

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Our project consist on the application of a series of workshops of environmental education in a public school in Iztapalapa’s delegation from Mexico city. The ages of the students will be between elementary school and junior high by choosing one generation to work with. We pick this location because it presents a it has a great urban growth. It present multiple environmental problems such as water shortage, frequent earthquakes, and there exist around 230 clandestine dump sites, plus public health problems caused by pollution. The workshops motion will be realized in a direct way with the school selected and for a specific group of people, once established the group, we will make an open invitation to participate in the efforts as extracurricular activities. The aim of the workshops is to create spaces for reflection and awareness of the current environmental problems and the attendant challenges to confront them using knowledge dialogue. This to generate action plans through understanding the production cycles, management and final disposal and the consequences of consuming. The use of examples like successful cases of waste management could be used as an incentive to motivate people to male changes in their communities. For the application of the workshops we will need educational material and travel allowances for the workshops facilitators. Finally we are going to make an analysis and create a manual in different languages from the evaluation of the workshop,this manual will be used as supporting material for the application of environmental workshops.

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