We need to produce more food with less resources. Modernising edible insect culture and production is a sustainable, natural solution.

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With an ever increasing population, Nairobi is a microcosm of the world’s urban development. Current food production processes are not plentiful or sustainable enough to keep scaling for the next billions. East Africans have long eaten insects as a delicacy and are perfectly placed to provide an example to the world on how to be self-sufficient. By creating Nairobi’s first insect dining experience, we will gain insights on how to break cultural stereotypes, learning how to present, produce and sell edible insect products through an initial pilot project with the intention of scaling. The first pop-up event will consist of a buffet allowing guests to try various recipes and give insights on how to improve the entire experience. A small, semi-permanent (or mobile) location will then be set up in Nairobi as a pilot to sell simple ready foods and cricket flour, acting as an education centre and providing recipes. Our research around processing and local eating habit suggests the first product is likely to be cricket flour crisps, served like nachos with local sides such as kachumbari and avocado. The pilot will allow gathering of further feedback and refinement of processes, brand and communications, with a plan to set up a model production facility in Nairobi that will act as a blueprint for future expansion across Kenya, and internationally. The facilities should be suitable for both urban and rural environments.

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