Schools and students in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area have the power to make a systemic change in waste management and clean energy use.

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Schools are centers for social exchange of ideas among individuals and families. There are approximately 7.5 million students scattered around 32,000 schools in Mexico City and its surroundings. Given that an average Mexican family is comprised of four individuals, the power of students resides in that they can transfer their knowledge to the relatives they live with. Grupo Promesa, runs a program called “Escuela Promesa” since 2010. This sustainable and auto-financiable program aims to create a true environmental culture within schools. Nowadays, Escuela Promesa works in 200 schools and universities. In exchange for their properly separated waste, they provide an environmental education program, economic and educational incentives. With the aid of Waste Cero, they are able to collect waste from schools and deliver it to waste managers. Schools not only act as social centers, but also as waste collection centers. Our objective is to broaden the scope of Escuela Promesa by creating an online voluntary Certificate. This will show that the school complies with best environmental practices and engages in a virtuous “blue economy” circle. Through these actions we aim to forge an alliance between the Federal Electric Commission (CFE) and the Secretary of Public Education (SEP), thus providing even more incentives for Certification. With the online certificate we seek to scale the impact of what has already been proven as a successful program. We offer a feasible and effective strategy that can be implemented by any school, and eventuallyupscaleittoapublicpolicylevel.

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