A product reviving a traditional preservation method which prevents fruits and vegetables from quickly rotting thus minimizing food wastage

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Local grocery stalls are Nairobi’s most popular place to purchase groceries. Whether one is getting a bunch of kales and an onion for lunch or five tomatoes during the evening rush hour, these stalls are the go-to place. They are in abundance and more convenient than the supermarkets.

As much as the local grocery stalls are common, the produce sold is poorly preserved which if not sold within a few days after its purchase from the distributor, they end up rotting forcing the vendors to incur losses. This is where the “ECOFRIJI” comes in. It is a small scale evaporative cooler that preserves perishable goods such as vegetables and fruits for a longer time before they go bad. The cooler reduces the respiration rate of the produce thus increasing their shelf life by a week. Vendors can now preserve a portion of their produce as they continue to sell the rest consequently help in curbing post-harvest loss and increase their business revenue.

This evaporative cooler is made of recycled plastics and cotton wastes as the cooling pad. It does not use electricity although a removable battery powered air circulator is available for use in non-windy environments. It is also easy and cheap to build and maintain. One may say it’s an equivalent of a mini-fridge.

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