In my project, i aim to applying green energy and affordable housing

Long description

As using Container for affordable housing, we have to fix something :

– interior space for each flat : we can see the drawing for the details

– Heat insulation : The containers with the steel surface can absorb the heat, so that how setting the heat insulation is an very important factor, and we make it like this :

+ Fasten the cement fiber boards outside and inside the surface of container. The cement fiber boards is available in the market, with the features : heat insualation and hight press suffering

+ Hiding the direct sunlight to the outside container’surface by using the solar electric board, it can both reduce the sunlight heat and creating the electricity.


 Rain water collection system :

Rain water can be collected from the solar electric boards wich is used as a roof of the house, the water rain run to the gutter and then to the storage tanks


Solar electric system :

The solar electricboards are placed on 2 main places : on the top of the block of flat and it can also work as a roof, on the top outside edge of container ( see the drawing for the details)

Additional Images

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