Greenobi is a network of lush green oasis spanning the roofs of Nairobi. Celebrating super local urban food and green spaces.

Long description

Healthy and accessible food, green spaces and retreat areas in extremely dense urban centers such as Nairobi become more and more important. Greenobi offers lush oasis of green fauna on top of the roofs in Nairobi’s most crowded areas. A network of micro-parks and vegetarian food courts spanning over the jet still available flat rooftops of the city. Where food could be produced and consumed in the most local way imaginable.
The common rooftop of a very standard house in Nairobi is flat and fulfills an array of functions for the inhabitants. Mainly used to store big water containers, washing and drying clothes and we also observed that people like rooftops to sunbathe and escape from the dusty roads on ground level.
Seeing this potential, we propose Greenobi to be a network of rooftop gardens/vegetarian restaurants covering Nairobi.

Greenobi fulfils four important functions.

  • a vegetarian restaurant providing healthy meals to the people and to sustain the project financially
  • event spaces to hold workshops, teach and discuss the importance of healthy food
  • a network of micro-parks offering retreat areas from the busy roads of Nairobi
  • rooftop gardens growing local crops while creating a flourishing oasis in the concrete jungle of Nairobi

The first space will open in Nairobi’s Central Business District, the densest area of Nairobi. From there we imagine a spreading of green roofs over the entire city reaching all corners of Nairobi. Introducing Nairobi’s very first vegetarian foot joint.

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