Shifted Energy retrofits electric water heaters with real-time controls so they can act like batteries to store energy.

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At Shifted Energy, we’ve developed revolutionary controllers and software to help utilities stabilize their grids while accelerating the integration of renewable energy. We convert electric water heaters into rapidly scalable, efficient, and virtually maintenance-free demand response assets. There are over 600 million electric water heaters throughout the world. These hidden “batteries” can absorb massive renewable generation to shift loads and dramatically decrease peak demand. This enables utilities to delay or even forego costly upgrades to peaking plants and transmission infrastructure, so they can focus on the integration of renewables and lowering costs to all ratepayers.

Importantly, our unique solution can engage renters in the clean energy revolution. Our patent-pending, off-tank solution minimizes setup and maintenance costs for hot water controls. Without touching the tank, our technology enables accurate temperature sensing, which is critical to efficient, large-scale deployments. It also ensures that residents feel no adverse impact. They just get monthly rebates on their electricity bill. Instead of relying on WiFi, our sensors communicate with IoT protocols utilized in 100+ countries, making it possible to rapidly scale our solution worldwide. By targeting hard-to-reach ratepayers with a cost-effective solution, we ensure that everyone can participate in the renewable energy revolution.

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