We turn cycling into exclusive benefits, advantages and opportunities. For us, urban mobility is also the empowerment of the cyclist.

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A disruptive view of loyalty programs: what if you get exclusive benefits every time you do something good for society and for yourself? In our case, urban mobility, well-being and sustainability; through the use of the bicycle. That’s right: the bicycle impacting your everyday life with real savings on all your expenses (besides what you already save with health and transportation).

hiBike is an exclusive network of advantages, opportunities and innovations for all types of cyclists. Our mobile app registers the cycling in different ways like convergence with other applications (Strava and bike sharing); and through checkpoints (with qr codes) in events related to cycling and areas of intense cycling traffic.

These records are converted into points, called pedals. Every five pedals give users exclusive discounts on any company in our network of advantages. Full payment discounts, not just for specific products. The cyclist starts to pay less with the hiBike. Our monetization occurs whenever a business interaction happens. And who pays us are the partner companies, in a system of shared earnings.

The hiBike 2.0 project provides for the opening of links with virtually all applications related to cyclists. We also want to bring the payout into the app itself, creating a kind of cyclist’s fintech. In addition, we want to start exploring other service opportunities to be accessed with the points of our users. hiBike wants to be a HUB, as a worldwide convergence for cyclists.

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