Lichenponics is a scalable biomimetic system for the cyclical regrowth and harvesting of crops that can be used to produce biofuels.

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Deriving inspiration from lichen, our system design utilizes the two biological components, algae and fungi, as sources of energy in a compact, closed loop system. If we can grow up, instead of out, in a controlled environment, we may have the arrived at a system that can consistently supply energy in a substantially less expensive, local way that does not require a complete overhaul of today’s infrastructure. Our system would not only lower prices for biofuel below fossil fuels, but if used correctly could cut carbon emissions by 70% compared to today’s system.

Our system can exist in a broad range of contexts throughout Amsterdam’s historic and long established infrastructure without the need for new construction or visibly confusing new technology.  

Because our modular system can be scaled to fit inside people’s homes as well as in installations for public spaces, Lichenponics invites the public to take part in their energy production as it is grown in real time.

Using materials that are recyclable and easy to manufacture, Lichenponics systems would not require high initial costs. Because the system is modular it can fit in any already existing space.

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