A feasible human centered programme, that efficiently sort residues for waste-to-energy, reducing intoxicating methane and scents.

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Mexico City has failed to achieve the effective residues pre-sorting required for waste-to-energy processes.

WDCD Briefing, summarized the need of:

Upgrade in pre-sorting waste, recycle and reuse behaviours, sense of social ownership and duty, capable to connect urban residues to agricultural / farming composting and promote circular economies, while recognizing the current waste management workforce, improving their jobs quality  towards a better understanding of Green collection for a brighter future with much more energy and much less waste.

Our system, is cost-effective and saves materials and energy. The SORTING-STATIONS will be built with recycled plastic. The 20+ million waste bags that will be REUSED daily, are narrow and long, perfect to sort, identify and seal the residues, prior to go into the proper bins and move forward to final processing.  After their odor and mixing up control function is over,  these bags could be used as FUEL for Cement industry, among others.

The interchangeable car-trash bins, will be manufactured with recycled plastics,  which design could be itself an Open Source “Design Challenge”  for either Precious-Plastics or other similar initiatives.

Current Mexico City network of volunteer waste collectors will be involved. They will receive tips from people and other incentives from invited sponsors from Food, Manufacturing and Tourism Industries.  Corporate and Social recongnition creative strategies, will be issued  to add excitement and long term commitment.

This is a neighborhood level impact alternative, scalable nation wide, relevant to the Mexico City waste crisis and oriented to volunteer Waste Collectors’ livelihoods  improvement.

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