My project aim to provide a product that can help the vendors ferry produce from farm to market while keeping it safe and fresh.

Long description

Looking at Mama Salome’s Journey here; , which is the same narrative of many vendors in Nairobi. We see the need for an efficient way to help the vendors ferry their produce from farm to market while enduring the weather at times and the mishandling of their produce by matatu touts and cart drivers (mukokoteni/kuaa). Mfuko-fresh will be product that will aim to do the following:

  1. Protect produce by mitigating physical damage from the journey from farm to market due to the mishandling of the vendors good by touts and others.
  2. Preserve the produce in good condition as it is in transit as well as storing surplus products from the previous day.
  3. Transforming into a makeshift stall for the vendors to be able to carry their stall with them anywhere the demand is needed.

The Mfuko-fresh will be designed to be a lightweight and sustainable solution for the vendors to ferry their produce to the market and will be designed to transform into a small stall.

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