Hardware, app and software are integrated, generating passenger functionality, fleet optimization and intelligence for public transportation

Long description

The project proposal is to develop hardware for real-time passenger flow counting on buses. The idea came when one of the partners used public transportation and boarded the first bus that stopped in front of him, the vehicle was very full and at the time of payment he noticed that another empty bus was coming and thought: “Wow! If I knew that, I would wait three minutes to sit down. ” In the use of public buses we identified three central problems:

  1. There are full and empty buses going to the same place at similar times;
  2. There is no planned design of the use of the vehicles in relation to the flow of passengers;
  3. The ratchet today is analog, which generates the escape of payment of the users;

We are 3 multidisciplinary engineers who have been participating for more than 1 year in the innovation laboratory in public transport of EMTU (Metropolitan Urban Transport Company of the State of São Paulo), and since May in MobiLab, which is the Urban Mobility Incubator of the Sao Paulo. Thus, we believe that we are inserted in the main innovation environment in the urban mobility of the State of São Paulo. Initially, we thought of using presence sensors to count the flow of people, but today we notice that the use of biometric cameras in the doors and a board (Single board Computer) that has a trained neural network can do the real time counting of passengers that embark and disembark.

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