MUSCLE is an integrated building system designed to increase the ecoefficiency of Energy/Water/Food/Mobility

Long description

MUSCLE is an integrated low cost building-system designed to increase the ecoefficiency in Energy/Water/Food/Mobility, of social housing:

Energy– PV and Thermal solar panels to self-consumption and to sell extra energy to the grid allowing an income to support maintenance and social expenses; An additional bioclimatic design strategy will do more with less,

Water- Rain and recycled water to flush and farming, possible hydroponic recirculation,

Food&Waste– Urban farming in rooftops to animal and vegetable protein, a vertical green-wall sunspace in each unit balcony will allow the apartment’s air cleaning. 3Rs for less waste, more self-responsibility, organic waste composting for urban-farming.

Mobility- Public space with more green, more accessible and secure spaces for elderly and children (roofs and pavements), more low carbon circulation.

Studies on buildings LCA and using showed that MUSCLE integrated ecodesign&ecobuilding, will decrease in more than half the community ECOfootprint and architecture life cycle.

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