Ant studio created a first of its kind inexpensive indoor personal cooling alternative to energy intensive air conditioning solutions.

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Ant Studio’s vision is to amalgamate Art, Nature, and Technology. Our air cooling & purifying solution looks magnificent as an art installation.  Use of vernacular material reduces on embodied energy, use of passive energy strategies reduces environmental impact, use of craft gives it a distinct character and encourages local employment by incorporating traditional craft and skills.

Our indoor solution, Ether is designed considering the concept of managing the microclimate for the user, which means, providing the user required temperature and humidity within close proximity . By doing so, we eliminate the amount of energy required to cool down an entire room using an air conditioner. The use of air conditioners makes the surrounding heat rejection unbearable.

Traditionally earthen pots are used for cooling water. Water inside the pots gets naturally cooled due to evaporative cooling. We have innovated a system that uses the same principle but in a reverse order.

The traditional look has been coupled with cutting edge electronics to make it smarter than ordinary coolers. The capillary action cuts down on the need of a pump like conventional air cooler needs, this saves the cost and electricity.

Ether reduces the carbon footprint of cooling systems by incorporating natural materials, zero plastics and refrigerants. It consumes 20% energy compared to other modern air conditioner systems.

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