Pedale is an application to innovate and share experiences of cyclists in urban centers.

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Cyclists face many obstacles daily: Bumpy streets, smoke from cars, disrespect of drivers, weather, aggressive traffic, falls. In addition the national traffic law becomes a further obstacle by prioritizing motor vehicles. In traffic, bicycles are forced to break through large vehicles that circulate at high speed and end up in very dangerous situations. Knowing that, the opportunity was perceived to develop a solution to improve the experience of this social group in its routines throughout the city. It is understood that giving support to cycling, the practice of active mobility is boosted and it becomes an advantage for the city and for the practitioners. The Pedale application has a set of essential features for cycling in the city. It suggests routes considering relief factors, cycle paths, travel time, road conditions and number of cyclists traversing. Informs weather conditions and makes a control of cyclist statistics. In addition, it makes the call for a maintenance aid when and where it is necessary. It shows places to attach the bicycle, indicates local bike-friendly and enable their review. Cyclists themselves can report points of accidents, bike races and occasional events. The user receives detailed routes and is guided along the route. Cyclist groups can benefit from a set of special routes for event days. The Pedale still generates data from all users’ routes to guide public organs on the route and cycleway needs.

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