Charity shop where you can donate clothes and shoes. Donations will be given to local NGOs. Selected items will be sold in a shop.

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43.6% of the population of Mexico is living below the poverty line. Meanwhile in Mexico City approximately 179 tons of textiles waste are sent to landfill every day. The fashion industry consumes huge amount of nonrenewable resources and produces 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. We want to encourage peolpe to donate clothes, shoes and accessories that they don´t use. One part of the donations will be given to local NPOs to satisfy the necesities of vulnerable social groups. Selected brand-name items will be sold in a second-hand store. Garments in bad conditions will be recycled. We´ll also donate a part of our profits to charity. This project can solve several ecological, social and economic problems. Among them are:

  • reduce textile, water and energy waste and CO2 emissions (up to 2,2 metric tons of coal and 11 tons of CO2 from each ton of donated clothes)
  • raise environmental and social responsibility among the citizens
  • show people the alternative way to consume
  • open a place where you can buy sustainable and accessible clothing
  • help poor people and charity funds in their needs

Donated items can be accepted directly in the shop, but also can be placed in special bins in friendly shops, restaurants and even in trade centers. The shop will organize workshops about textile reuse and clothes redisign and give a repair service for those who want to continue using their old clothes.

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