An educational kit to empower children to understand and learn about the energy transition towards renewables, through gameplay.

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The children of today are tomorrow’s adults, and already active consumers of energy. But what do they know about energy and how it is made? Not much more than it “magically” comes out of a wall socket. The energy transition is not just a technical challenge, but it can often encounter social and cultural barriers, for which we need to empower people to think and act differently starting from today. This project aims at tackling the social and cultural challenges related to this transition, to step away from fossil fuels. Thia project envisions a redesign of the way sustainability is taught in schools: shifting from theory- to design- based learning, the goal is to support children in learning about energy consumption and production through gameplay, and to explore the possibilities of making energy by themselves using renewable sources, such as wind and sunlight, with the help of interactive probes. The designed kit develops over three stages and it includes 1) an introductory booklet, to learn about energy and introducing the causes and effects of climate change, 2) “energy-catching” probes to experiment how to make energy your own way, 3) a set of cards and a game board whereby pupils can learn the characteristics of different types of energy sources (fossil fuels vs. renewables) and finally, are invited to create their own story on how to save the world from climate change by being the true heroes.

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