A system which collects and Recycles Single use Food waste plastics into Modular Building Products

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After your fast food meal is done, what happens to the packaging?

Nairobi is choking in plastic waste from Food packaging, water and soda bottles and other plastic which is continually being disposed off in our trash, and which ends up polluting the land our oceans. Thousands of tons of plastic are dumped every year. My system would involve setting up plastic recycling bins throughout the city (Ideally one or two in every neighborhood in Nairobi depending on population density) and to contract garbage collection companies to deliver the waste plastics to our central facility. The plastics will be sorted and then processed into Three main products, namely interlocking plastic blocks for paving/flooring, interlocking building bricks and interlocking plastic posts.

The production process will involve melting the plastics down and using simple molds to form the products we will produce.

The interlocking blocks and bricks can be used for low cost sidewalks, and buildings which can potentially last forever.

The interlocking posts can be used for fencing or lighting/electricity poles, or for putting up simple structures and are durable and cheap. This will also have the effect of reducing deforestation since many trees are used for the same purposes.

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