Tamalli is cooking the future Nairobians want to eat, starting with a premium street food brand that puts more diverse food on the table.

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Agriculture policy expert Daniel Maingi captured our own research well when he said, “[Kenya has] a monoculture diet, being driven by the food system — it’s an injustice.” Sustainable food is a complex goal, and most solutions start on the farm — but we believe the answer lies on the fork. What people want on their plate should determine how we organize to deliver it sustainably, but the current system leaves consumers without power or influence.

A fragmented system at farm, wholesale, and retail levels, has left millions paying too much for limited options and toxic ingredients. Mbogas stock only the few ingredients in traditional dishes, and kibandas rarely get more ambitious than chicken and chips. This leaves growers with few options for marketable crops. Because urban families spend up to 50% of income on maize and rely on informal vendors for up to 75% of meals, reinventing street food with affordable staples is the fastest route to systemic change.

Tamalli is a premium street food platform enabling families on any budget to add exciting dishes to their routine, and ensure every shilling creates a more sustainable food system. We produce food at scale in neighborhood kitchens, and provide vendors everything to serve it safely. Our first brand features Afro-Mexican fusion cuisine, made with 100% local underutilized ingredients and a method to maximize maize’s nutrition value. Our vision is to create a range of brands that make more delicious foods available everywhere, and serve them with the lowest waste possible.

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