Delhi is in dire need of clean energy and a solution to its waste. An Indianized version of the circular economy is the solution.

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The answer to the energy crisis is recycling. Delhi produces nearly 26 tons of waste annually which are donated to the local rivers, oceans, and landfills. With congestion, head-reeling pollution, and inflation on our minds, it escapes us that Delhi has the potential to sustain all its residents, both rich and poor, with clean energy if we create a cycle. The Make in India pledge has been taken up by various foreign brands that enter India; using this as an advantage if the government of Delhi mandates recycling of all plastic and bio-waste produced by buildings(by partnering with local recycling centers) it can effectively create a cycle of clean energy and hence, a market for waste.
Another issue is the lack of efficiency of solar panels and the limited area. For most buildings, solar panels are installed only on the roof. Despite being active 24×7, they do not have a big enough impact on the energy expenditure. With the constant light exposure that many high-rises have, incorporating solar cells to the very structure of the buildings themselves can produce more clean energy while defeating urban decay. Using current models, applying solar panels to columns and ledges in commercial & government areas can drop CO2 emissions, creating a cleaner building.

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