Solar Visuals is a revolutionary energy -generating facade material for buildings that is smart, efficient and visually attractive.

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The Solar Visuals high-tech PV modules combine high performance with a highly aesthetic appearance, enabling the application of solar power on a much larger scale; not only as a rooftop coverage, but as a cladding material for the facade, or the entire envelope of buildings. Transforming all buildings – from housing blocks to large urban mixed-use projects, city halls and shopping malls, or even infrastructural works such as bridges and sound barriers – into actual power plants. The Solar Visuals module has a wide range of possible printed patterns. The photovoltaic modules are not only sustainable, but also disruptive materials capable of adding flexibility and design value to the appearance of buildings. We believe that this is one of the many possible examples of how PV modules may evolve in the future.

The Solar Visuals module combines a revolutionary energy dot-pattern technique, enabling the optimisation of energy output without compromising design. This technology is capable of translating images into a setup of dots of different coverage ratios, controlling colour, contrast, brightness and a degree of randomness in the final effect. Based on the principle of rasterisation, the dot pattern plays with the perception of the human eye: zooming in, one can discern the separate dots, zooming out, the dots are perceived as one amalgamated image. Solar Visuals goes beyond the existing sustainable features of buildings.

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