Super Power is a monthly subscription for sustainable home technologies. We enable homeowners to live sustainable at the touch of a button.

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How can it be that the technology to fight climate change is here, but nobody is using it? That is the starting point of Super Power.

People nowadays don’t have the time, money or the knowledge to make their home sustainable. And it’s a huge challenge ahead of us. Only in the Netherlands alone we need to make 7 million homes sustainable before 2050. How are we gonna solve this? With Super Power!

Super Power is world’s first home subscription. It is a monthly subscription to hot air, hot water, and light. Compare it to Netflix and Spotify, but instead of music and films, with Super Power you receive a comfortable and sustainable home.

It is very simple. We come by and make your home sustainable. From that moment on you lease all the sustainable techniques that are needed. You pay a fixed price per month that is lower than your current energy bill. We combine sustainable techniques like solar panels, LED light and smart appliances, and offer these to the customer in one package: the home subscription. So forget about your old energy bill, and say hello to the Super Power Subscription. Energy as a service! You pay for the service, not for the products.

So, do you want to enable everyone to fight climate change? Then show me your Super Power!

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