Our business idea uses mobile technology to pick up, transport and cook food waste into affordable meals for Nairobi’s food insecure locals.

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Climate change is making farming increasingly unpredictable. Nairobi farmers are forced to plant extra crops to ensure they will have enough to sell. However, when crops flourish, farmers can’t always harvest and sell all the food.

Disorganised and dated supply chains mean even harvested food goes to waste.

30% of produce is seen as ‘imperfect’, simply forgotten about and never eaten.

Our business model allows unused produce to be picked up, transported and cooked all under the Taste Not Waste system, in order to feed those facing food insecurity.

How it works

  1. The Taste Not Waste app is used by farmers, wholesalers and anyone along the supply chain to broadcast available food waste.
  2. Local ‘Food Rescue Riders’ are notified of its location and can instantly respond.
  3. A suitable rider is then automatically dispatched to rescue the food.
  4. It’s then distributed to Nairobi’s markets, where it’s promptly cooked in our street food carts, serving the locals affordable, nutritious meals.
  5. Electrical cooking equipment is used, powered by the delivery bikes. No Charcoal. No pollution.

Taste Not Waste is part of the rapidly growing ‘OnDemand Digital Economy’, making use of ‘real time’ information. We empower anyone to become ‘self-employed’ under the ‘Taste Not Waste’ umbrella. Providing them with the equipment, people have the opportunity to make a stable income for themselves whilst tackling food waste in their area.

Taste Not Waste aims to drastically reduce hunger and food waste by creating accessible meals and employment opportunities.

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