We use the Red Light District in Amsterdam as a Showcase and Showroom Area for Clean Living and turn it into the Green Light District.

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The Red Light District is the main tourist area in Amsterdam with 3.1 million visitors a year from over 180 countries. We use the Red Light District as a Showcase Area for Clean Living and turn it into the Green Light District. We bend the old and negative connotation and turn it in a positive message focusing on a sustainable lifestyle. To really change behavior you should let people participate in experiences and show positive examples.

We present the Green Warehouse, the Clean restaurant and the Clean Hotel. Our The Clean Escape Room is an ultimate game experience to learn about what pollutes our planet and how to prevent this. And every visitor is invited to go on a thrashwalk and collect trash in the handed out biodegradable backpack.

Every tough and hard to change inner city neighbourhood with problems of drugs, prostitution and crime can be presented an alternative. The Green Light District is more an awareness campaign then a placemaking technique. More a method by which to collect momentum for change than a goal on its own.

‘De Wallen’ is filled with beautiful buildings and canals, hidden from sight by the red lit up focus on the sex poised street plinths. The Green Light is added as a counterweight to focus on the real beauty of the area. In line with the Amsterdam Light Festival it gives way to artistic and permanent light installations. 

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