We are an association where we build homes with recyclable materials to people who lost their homes due to natural disasters.

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We are a civil organization that was born after the earthquake of September 19, 2017 in Mexico, with the purpose of building homes for those affected by this earthquake, but in a conscious and ecological way using PET bottles.

Our system is completely safe, we use steel meshes designed by Puebla engineers who support us in all the structural issues that must be solved of the houses, these meshes are filled with PET, cardboard or any non-biodegradable resin.

A 42m2 house requires approximately 15,000 bottles of PET, so the environmental impact is considerable.

As a result of the collection campaigns we have designed, the campaign donates recycling where the objective is to collect the largest amount of waste, recycle it and with that resource continue with the reconstruction, so our slogan is “Rebuild Mexico by cleaning up our country”.

We are currently working on a larger project where the purpose is to begin with the construction of sustainable communities, where we involve the three pillars of sustainability, Ecological, economic and social.

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