Sidewalk composting in Worm Hotels for a circular use of Organic Waste in Cities. Also in Mexico City

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Le Compostier designs furnitures that make it possible to compost organic waste on

a natural way in the city with minimal loss of space. These furnitures are called

worm hotels. Inside the worm hotels an eco-system of composting organisms works

together to make a rich fertiliser for the soil: vermicompost.

The worm hotels originally were designed for neighbours to compost their organic

waste together, but are now also in use at schools, at office buildings and at

restaurants. Organic waste is used in a circular way to feed the gardens of these

locations and grow food locally.

The worm hotels help to restore the connection with the natural cycle and bring

nature back into the city, helping to restore biodiversity in and above the ground.

When used in neighbourhoods the worm hotels help to increase the social cohesion

by enabling people to take positive action to make their communities greener and

more sustainable.

After proofing that composting is possible in cities using worm hotels, we are up for the cahllenge of the warm climate of Mexico City and would love to help inspire the people of Mexico City to turn there waste into value & feed the soil for urban food production.

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