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An overview of al the nominated projects that are focused on finding solutions for the rush to build for booming populations in Delhi. In this phase, the nominated teams get the opportunity to improve their project. The winning projects will be announced on March 6th.

Nature’s cooling recipe

Ant studio created a first of its kind inexpensive indoor personal cooling alternative to energy intensive air conditioning solutions.

Praanam – for your home

Portable window attachment for Delhi buildings, to reduce the requirement for ACs and block outside air pollution (PM2.5 and PM10).

Shading filters

Shading filters are functional textile extensions for city buildings that create shade from the sun while cleaning air pollutants.

Agrocrete: Carbon-Negative Homes

Conversion of agricultural wastes into high quality, carbon-negative building materials to be used as replacement of AAC, red bricks, etc.

Pedal Power

To tackle Delhis climate there is need for an economical, greener, adaptive idea which could be easily constructed by user without much ado


The project is meant to improve thermal comfort through use of a solar chimney and radiant barrier, implemented in DIY procedure.

Green Screen

Green Screen is a passive air cooling panel for the slums of Delhi, India that is made entirely from agricultural waste.