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An overview of al the nominated projects that are focused on solving Amsterdam's Energy problem. In this phase, the nominated teams get the opportunity to improve their project. The winning projects will be announced on March 6th.

Boat Battery Swap

Let's end urban pollution by boats and make electric boating affordable by launching the first Battery as a Service for boats.

Iconic energy storage

We aim to create clean energy storage units while preserving historic landscapes by repurposing the 180 currently functionless water towers


Aetherius is a installation which generates energy from wind as well as integrating the public through the process.

Amsterdam Drops

Amsterdam Drops is a new way of generating and storing electricity by transforming gravity into potential energy using existing architecture

ChargeOn Bike

ChargeOn Bike charges smartphones with clean energy from cycling and aims to incentivise energy saving experience in Amsterdam.

The Electric Life installation is entirely powered by micro-organisms that have electrons as a waste product.

Electric Life

A light installation that is entirely powered by micro-organisms that come from the muddy soil of rivers and lakes.

Solar Visuals

Solar Visuals is a revolutionary energy -generating facade material for buildings that is smart, efficient and visually attractive.