hiBike 2.0

We turn cycling into exclusive benefits, advantages and opportunities. For us, urban mobility is also the empowerment of the cyclist.


SMART is a decentralized model based on a cigarette butt collection system that works with existing social roles.


Sustainably optimize traffic in SP and its metropolitan area via a microtransit plataform by increasing the occupancy rate of private cars.


PianoBike is the first Brazilian Piano on whells. It's a project which integrates Busking and Cycling, promoting music and sustainability.

Urban Bio-energy hubs

Urban Bio-energy hubs integrate decentralized utility systems within the urban fabric on a neighborhood-scale and both provide public space

Bixiga a Pé/ Bixiga on foot

The project will develop and implement wayfinding and street signage for pedestrians in one of the most iconic neighbourhoods in the city.

Office Bus

Equipped corporate bus that allows employees to work on route to the company’s office.