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The winning Projects. All winning teams have received a tailor made Impact Development Program to further develop their ideas and prototypes. Read more about the accelerate phase

Iconic energy storage

We aim to create clean energy storage units while preserving historic landscapes by repurposing the 180 currently functionless water towers


My project aim to provide a product that can help the vendors ferry produce from farm to market while keeping it safe and fresh.

Circular Communities For Housing

Using local waste plastic, to create simple stack-able building blocks, to facilitate self built affordable housing.

Pedivela Cyclelogistics Network

Pedivela connects and optimize the relation between cargo bike riders, parcel delivery companies and urban automated crossdocks.

Nairobi’s Energy-Food Nexus

Transforming the Energy-Food nexus through design and innovation for sustainable food systems in Nairobi across all income levels.

Solar Visuals

Solar Visuals is a revolutionary energy -generating facade material for buildings that is smart, efficient and visually attractive.

Solar Freeze

A one stop turnkey portable off-grid toolkit for localized food production containing a complete ecosystem of smart farm technologies.