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An overview of al the projects that are nominated by a special selection committee. In this phase, the nominated teams get the opportunity to improve their project. The winning projects will be announced on March 6th.

Rebuilding mexico, cleaning our country

We are an association where we build homes with recyclable materials to people who lost their homes due to natural disasters.

Nature’s cooling recipe

Ant studio created a first of its kind inexpensive indoor personal cooling alternative to energy intensive air conditioning solutions.

Ecolana, ¡your recycling guide!

We are all consumers and we generate waste.

People and enterprises really want to do something and don't know where to begin and how in the

Ecoplaso: Food Waste upcycling

Ecoplaso transforms fruits and vegetables peels and scraps (organic waste) into bioplastic, 3d printing filaments and vegetal based leather.

The Waste Transformer in Nairobi

The Waste Transformer is a small scale-high impact, value ‘in a box’ innovation. Energy and nutrients,without loss, transport or emissions!